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Caring for your Newborn Kitten

How old is my kitten?

Age~ 1-14 days- their eyes are not open, their ears are folded over. They should eat about 32ml of formula per day.

Age 2 weeks- their eyes are open and they can move around shakily. They should eat 55ml of formula per day.

Age 3 weeks- their ears are up and they can walk about well.  They should eat 80ml of formula per day.


Kittens need to live in a warm and secure area.  They should be fed every 4-6 hours. Kittens can be fed milk replacer.  NEVER feed a kitten on its back. This can cause them to aspirate the milk into their lungs.   Signs of a hungry kitten are crying constantly, moving their head from side to side and suckling on

objects or other kittens. 


Kittens less than 3 weeks old cannot eliminate without help.  After each feeding gently rub the anus and urinary orifice with a moistened

cotton ball or Kleenex. 

When a kitten is 3-4 weeks old you can begin offering it solid food.  The formula can also be placed in a bowl at this time.  Do not offer human baby food.  This food is not complete and balanced for kittens. 


You should vaccinate and deworm your kitten at 8 weeks of age.  The  Rabies vaccine must be given by a veterinarian after 12 weeks of age.


Problems you may encounter 

~ If your kitten is not producing stool when it eliminates it may be constipated.  Try making the formula a little thinner.  If this does not work please call our office for further advice. 

~ Kittens need warmth!  If you are using a heating pad, Beware of the temperature so your kitten does not over heat!

If you have any additional questions or concerns please call us!

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