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Pet Wellness Report

Sunbury Animal Hospital is proud to offer this exciting and affordable service to all of our paitents. A Pet Wellness Report, or PWR is a combonation of a full bloodwork panel, a complete urinalysis and a lifestyle questionnaire. This is a great screening process to catch disease or illness that may be lurking beneath your pet's wagging tail and purrs; because as we all know, pets are experts at hiding pain and sickness until it is very serious. 


PWR Bloodwork can be done at any visit to the hospital. It usually takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes to collect blood and urine samples from your pet. This test is a sent to an outside lab, and results will be recieved in 1-2 buisness days. Making this test and affordable alternative to in-house screening. 


The questionnaire is FREE! This will give your veterinarian insite on your pet's lifestyle at home. We reccommend doing one before every Yearly Wellness Exam. To get started on your pet's PWR Questionare, click the button below. Register for an account and select Sunbury Animal Hospital. Our Hospital's code is: KX-00-00

Once you have finished the questionnaire, it will be sent to us to review!

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