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Should you Neuter your pet?

The word "Neuter" means to remove your pets’ reproductive organs.  The word spay is used for females and the word castrate is used for males.  All pets must be under anesthesia for this procedure.  For males, a small incision is made above the scrotum and the testicles are removed.  For females, an incision is made in her abdomen and the uterus and ovaries are removed. 

Neutering Myths

Neutering my pet will make them fat and lazy. 

As a pet ages their metabolism slows down.  When you combine this with over feeding and not exercising we get fat and lazy pets


I want my children to witness the miracle of birth.

There are a lot of videos out there to help educate children. 
We need to teach them the importance of responsible pet ownership.


The surgery is too expensive.

The cost of neutering may seem expensive, but if your pet is not neutered here are some medical problems that can arise…

Pyometra (infected uterus) – Cost of emergency surgery $800.


C-Section or dystocia (trouble during birth)- Cost of emergency surgery $800- $1000. Also you need to find homes for the puppies or kittens.


Hit-by-car (hormones cause these animals to wander) – These costs can range from $600- $1400 dollars.


Mammary tumors or an enlarged prostate require medical treatment and sometimes surgery.


My pet is too old.

The age of your pet does not matter. 


Animal shelters euthanize millions of animals every year due to over population.  Be part of the solution, not part of the problem!

On the day of your pets’ procedure, you will drop him/her off at 8am.  Please allow 15 minutes to review the surgery admission paperwork.  We will offer use of the surgical laser, pre-anesthetic bloodwork and a pre-anesthetic ECG. These additional tests are always recommended prior to anesthesia.


After the procedure, Females will have abdominal skin sutures and Males will not.  All dogs and female cats will have an e-collar on to prevent them from licking at their incision.  Your pet will spend the night at the hospital and be discharged the next day.  There is not an additional fee for this service and we have a technician on duty that will monitor all our hospitalized patients.  

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