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Dentistry in Dogs and Cats


Does your pet have stinky breath? Does he/she have trouble chewing their food? Does your pet have brown teeth? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your pet

may have dental (Teeth) problems.




By the age of three, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease. However many pets never show symptoms beyond bad breath.  Without regular exams done by an veterinarian, many of our pets' dental disease isn't detected until it is really bad. Lift your pets' lip, and gently pull back towards their cheek and take a look: if you see red or puffy gums, brown debris (dental tartar) or yellow build-up (calculus) accumulating on the teeth then your pet has enough dental disease to warrant veterinary evaluation.

If your pets' teeth only have mild tartar, we recommend one of our over the counter products. 


Hill’s Prescription diet T/d- It is formulated for dogs and cats to act as an edible toothbrush. This product can be used as a complete and balanced diet or you can feed it as treats. To be effective as a treat, Hill's T/d needs to make up at least 25% of your pets' diet.  This means that a 15# dog will need to eat about 5 of the large kibble per day and a 60# dog will need to eat about 20 of the kibble per day.  This amazing product is also made for cats.  Hill's T/d is 100% returnable if your pet does not like it.  Ask our front desk about our T/d rewards program.


Oravet Chews- (Dog only)This product helps fight bad breath.  The main ingredient Delmopinal, decreases the amount of bacteria that attaches to your pet’s teeth.  The green chew part helps reduce plaque and calculus.  Your pet can have one chew per day.  These chews come in 14 and 30 count boxes.  The average cost is $1 per day to help your pet’s breath smell better! 

Vetz Life gel and spray- (For dogs and cats) This is used instead of toothpaste.  The natural ingredients work to remove the plaque and tartar on your pets teeth and leave them with fresh breath.


Hill’s Dental Chew- (Dog only) These daily chews contain a calcium inhibitor.  They work in conjunction with the Hill’s T’d to keep your pet’s teeth nice and shiny.    



Always look for the Veterinary Oral Health Council seal on products used to remove tartar from dog and cat teeth! Click the link below to see products approved by the VOHC.

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