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Animal Chiropractor

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Dr. Maria Gallagher is a board certified chiropractor with international accreditation in animal chiropractic.




Chiropractic treatment includes not only treating the spinal joints but also the joints of the arms and legs; applied to animals, the spinal joints, the fores and hinds.  

Why Animal Chiropractic?

Recognizing that your pet is having a problem is the best way to help avoid suffering and having a worsening condition develop. There are numerous signs that indicate trouble in any pet's joints, including knees, hips, shoulders, neck and back. 

Indications of care: Lameness, trouble getting up and down, athletic competitions, surgery involving anesthesia, seizures or neurological problems, geriatric/older pets, recovering from illness or injury, behavior or mood change, chronic health problems that do not resolve as expected, signs of navicular disease or laminitis. 

Benefits of Animal Chiropractic: Chiropractic treatment helps to restore normal joint function. This relieves pain, promotes healing, and prevents accelerated degeneration. 

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