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We offer grooming Monday-Friday for both dogs and cats. Our groomers are trained to perform a basic examination of your pet while they are being groomed. In doing this basic examination our groomers can alert our veterinarian at the first signs of a problem.


Nail trimming is included with clips, but is a separate charge when your pet is getting just a bath. Anal glands are not included with grooming, but can be done per owners request at an additional fee. Ear cleaning is included when you bring your pet in for a bath.


Drop off time for grooming is 8:00 am. Please call us 

between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, for appointments and pricing, and ask for the grooming department.


Are you tired of all the hair your pet has been leaving behind? Ask about our de-shedding bath. The de-shedding bath helps to minimize the amount of hair your pet sheds by loosening the undercoat. Using a specially made comb, our groomers can remove the under coat and make your faithful companion feel like a new dog or cat.



Canine Bath 

Up to 20lbs -                                                         $26.50

21-50lbs -                                                             $29.50

50-100 lbs -                                                          $29.50

Over 101 lbs -                                                       $39.00


Feline Bath                                               $22.50


Sedate to Groom                                          $25.75

*Sedation cost does not include medication or grooming cost*


Clip and Bath

Clip - Short all over and Bath up to 20lbs                  $43.50

Clip - Short all over and Bath 21-50lbs                     $52.00

Clip - Short all over and Bath Over 50lbs                  $78.50



Clip - Short all over up to 20lbs                               $28.50

Clip - Short all over 21-50lbs                                  $39.00

Clip - Short all over 50lbs                                       $66.00



Small dog                                                             $45.50

Medium Dog                                                          $57.50

Large Dog                                                             $75.00



Nail Trim                                                              $12.50

Polish Nails                                                            $8.00

Nail Trim and Polish                                               $16.00


Medicated Bath

Lyme Dip                                                              $34.00

Mitaban Bath                                                         $65.50

Skunk Bath                                                           $34.50



Brush out / Per hour                                              $40.00

Clean up                                                               $16.00

Ear Pluck                                                              $16.50

Once a month Brush-Out                                        $15.00


Puppy Grooming Packages!

*For Puppies 6 months and younger*


Puppy Baths and Cuts for Medium to

Long Haired Breeds $35, Includes:

Bath and Brush Out

Nail Trim

Ear Cleaning and Plucking

Sanitary Trim

Trim up around the Face, Feet, Ears and Tail

Free 3rd Bath and Trim!


Puppy Baths for Short Haired Breeds $20, Includes:


Nail Trim 

Ear Cleaning

Free 3rd Bath!


*All sessions must be complete within 3 months of 1st purchase.*






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