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Emergency Services

Veterinarian staffing shortages are being felt across the country and it has hit home for Sunbury Animal Hospital. We aim to take care of our staff and remaining doctors so we can do our best to serve as many pets
as those limitations will allow.

Sunbury Animal Hospital will be making changes to emergency services and hours of operation effective February 1, 2023. Emergency services will be unavailable from 10pm-8am daily. Hours of operation will be
8am-10pm Monday through Friday; Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm.

Sunbury Animal Hospital will no longer provide emergency services to pet owners that are not established clients, any time of day. Established
clients are those with pets we see for their annual checkups/routine care. Note: This does not affect our farm animal clients.

The owners of Sunbury Animal Hospital realize this is disappointing and worrisome to many pet owners. It is our hope that we will be able to open emergency services to the whole community again later in 2023. We
will be posting a list of emergency veterinary facilities in Central PA on our website and FB page.

Your understanding is most appreciated during this unprecedented time for Sunbury Animal Hospital.

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