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Our facility is fully equipped with a dental suite and two surgical suites, an isolation ward, digital radiology, ultrasound and an in-house lab and pharmacy. Our annual exams are focused on preventive care and education for our clients.



Surgery Suites


Our surgical suites are equipped with electronic monitoring devices, as well as, monitoring by a veterinary technician. 


Laser Surgery

A progressive new option for our clients. Use of the laser provides less bleeding, less swelling, extreme precision and reduced risk of infection.  

The use of the laser is mandatory for declawing our feline patients.

Orthopedic Surgery 

Our doctors are experienced in performing orthopedic surgeries to correct; ACL tears, luxating petella, dislocated joints, and pinning broken bones. 

Emergency Surgery

We are here 24 hours a day. We frequently preform C-sections, stomach torsions and exploratory surgeries. We have techincal staff to monitor patients that are suffering from trauma, seizures, difficulty breathing and other critical symptoms.  



Dental Suite


Our dental suite is equipped with a wet table,dental equipment, electronic monitoring devices and dental x-ray. Our doctors are well experienced with routine cleanings as well as extractions. 




Isolation Ward


We have an isolation ward for small animal as well as one in our barn for large animals. Our small animal isolation ward can house animals for treatment of contagious illnesses such as parvo virus. We also use this ward to house our hyper thyroid paitents during their radioactive iodine treatment.  




In-House Lab and Pharmacy


Our in-house lab and pharmacy allow us to get you quicker results and medication. Our lab equipment can test for full organ panels, coagulation profiles and complete blood counts. We carry a varitey of medications to treat your pet, if we don't have it on our shelves our online pharmacy can help! Click the button on the home page to see our online pharmacy. 



Digital Radiology and Ultrasound


Our digital x-ray allows us to get quicker results, meaning less waiting for you and less stress on your pet. We also are equiped with ultrasound to identify abnormalities within your pet. 



Exam Rooms and Treatment


Our facility has 5 exams rooms and a comfort room.  






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